City of San Felipe

 San Felipe is a picturesque town facing small islands and pristine waters with excellent fishing. Located on the Sea of Cortez just 220 miles from the San Diego Border, San Felipe is a Mexican paradise. It's the right choice if you're looking for a vacation or for just a couple of days of relaxation and peace.


The beach is the main attraction in San Felipe. The water is warm and quiet, what makes San Felipe an ideal destination and one of the Baja California hidden treasures, just a couple of hours from the US border.

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San Felipe gained much of its popularity with the invention of the three day weekend. This charming beach side town is the first of many towns to be found as one travels south, down the east side of the Baja Peninsula. It is just close enough to the U.S. border to make it a long weekend destination, and it's just far enough from the big cities for tourists to feel like they really got away from it all.

San Felipe is a very easy two hour drive south of the border from Mexicali ( about 123 miles) on a good paved road, and worlds away from any typical gringo environment. The road from Mexicali is four lanes for the first 30 miles through the Mexicali suburbs and farmlands, and then it narrows down to two lanes when it reaches the wide open spaces. Shortly after the road turns to two lanes, the unique Baja scenery begins, and the stark open Baja frontier is nothing short of spectacular!


The waterfront areas around San Felipe are very active. The city has recently initiated a plan to beautify the waterfront area, and dozens new palm trees have been planted in 1998 on either side of the seaside main drive. Both visitors and locals like to cruise the seaside drive near the center of town, and vehicles of all kinds can be seen parading by.

Basic services such as gasoline, ice, beer and food are plentiful in the various markets located throughout San Felipe. One of San Felipe's claim to fame is the extreme tidal changes. When the tide goes out, it goes way out! This makes for excellent beachcombing, but makes launching a boat more of a planned event than a random act.

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The weather in San Felipe is very pleasant most of the year,and hot in summer. Fortunately, the Sea of Cortez is never too far away for a refreshing dip. Strolling along the seafront walkway in the evenings is a great way to enjoy the eveinings all year long.

The Port of San Felipe is a small town that has traditionally depended on fishing as their economic base. In fact, the fish taco was invented here, and now is served in many chain restaurants in the U.S.. In a little more than two decades the economic base has changed from fishing to tourism. You'll find camping north & south of town, as well as in town, a few hotels & resorts, many restaurants, and watersports.

The natural attractions of this area, it's beautiful beaches of warm water during the spring, summer & fall, plus it's temperate winter is the major draw for both Snowbirds (retirees who live part-time in Mexico) and weekend vacationers from southern California and Arizona.

You have several loding options in San Felipe, the most popular being San Felipe rentals in Eldorado Ranch. This gated resort is located just 7 miles North of the center of town and has lots of amenities to make your stay a time to remember. With beautiful San Felipe beach rental homes and La Ventana del Mar golf course condos, you will find lots of choices to make your stay most enjoyable.


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